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"I was scoring 70's 💔 in my weekly quizzes. Just took this 5 hour course and Ash’s calculus hacks helped me get a B! This course is the GOAT!"
Kev L.
Grade B, Calculus 1
"This course is 100% on point! I was nervous I’d forget what I’d already crammed - Ash was able to do a full review for me in just 5 hours. Scored an A, yay!"
Grade A, Calculus 1
"I was depressed after failing badly in my Differentiation tests. Then I did Ash’s 5 hour course and slayed it with a B+ on the real one!"
Grade B+: Calculus 2
"I'm beyond thankful that Ash helped me get into my dream school (Harvard). His group classes are a true life-saver. So much more helpful than expensive $500 Calculus boot camps that I took but only improved by 5 points."
Sujoy K.
5/5, AP Calculus AB

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