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"Very impressed with Ash's teaching methods! John had no hope of raising his SAT scores above 1300. He ended up with a score of 1440! I would highly recommend Ash's classes"
Willem S., parent
gained +160 points
"Ash's online lessons fit my busy schedule perfectly ! Ash has a knack for getting to the root of my long standing obstacles. Group discussions for the Reading / Writing sections helped immensely"
Jake D., Student
gained +110 points
"I had safety concerns about my daughter coming/going to a center or having a stranger in my house. Online classes are the perfect solution to this. My daughter can learn from her laptop at home, school or her grandfather’s house. This is so convenient! Of course, she got 1550 on the SAT"
Jenny W., Parent
gained +110 points
"I'm beyond thankful that Ash helped me get into my dream school (Harvard). His group classes are a true life-saver. So much more helpful than expensive $900 math boot camps that I took but only improved by 20 points."
gained +130 points

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